Music Rotation Wednesdays: September 25th, 2019

(Sandy) Alex G – House of Sugar

We’ve been ready to add this album to our rotation since it was announced over the summer. This artist’s ninth album is his most well constructed yet, using simple acts and events in his life to explore emotionally potent themes there another series of vignettes.

Surf Curse – Heaven Surrounds You

In a grand series of vignettes, this band’s third studio album makes constant references to cult classic movies that seem to have inspired the band’s music throughout their career. A slight variation in their tried and true formula of song making make this album a great listen for both new and old fans.

Paranoyds –  Carnage Bargain

The debut album is a great example of why we can all get down to a bit of garage/punk rock now and then. With an aesthetic and sound that mirror the punk rock bands of the early 2000’s, the album’s theme focuses around the fact that we are all sheep following our capitalist overlords through colorful ads and rampant consumerism.

Operator Music Band – Duo Duo

The band’s second album grabs your attention with unique rhythms that bring an infectious need to move to the fast paced beats that hit you at the beginning of echt of its ten tracks. This album’s sound is something you won’t find in many other groups we play at the station, making this a great addition to our rotation.

Sampa the Great – The Return

“Belonging” is at the core of this Australian rapper’s debut album. Sampa uses a variety of genres to explore her personal in both the music industry and in life. It’s quick and random jumps to different rhythms and sounds may be jarring at first but plays into the strength of the message of the album overall. 

Danny Brown (single) – “Dirty Laundry”

This single, produced by A Tribe Called Quest’s front man Q-Tip, signalled the release of Brown’s fifth studio album, uknowhatimsayin¿. The single mixes Q-Tip’s and Brown unique funk and hip-hop style while also making Brown sound absolutely insane. The track highlights some of the crazier things Brown has done in his life (mainly public sex acts) and how he know acts out “so I can put a load in the dryer”.

Chastity Belt – Chastity Belt

In their fourth studio album, this indie pop/rock band reconverged from a short hiatus with a sound that’s very familiar but also shows how the band has grown. The album features the same skilled guitar playing and vocals seen in the band’s past but lyrically this is a much more mature group of musicians.

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