Music Rotation Wednesdays: November 9

The college radio format is very unique. At KSDB, we cycle new music in and out of regular airplay fairly quickly, and then we move on to newer music to freshen up the sound. This is why no two listening sessions are ever alike. The aim is to expose the community to music they might not have heard before – and might never ever hear otherwise.

The purpose of this weekly post is to give you an insight as to what’s going on with our music rotation and provide a resource to refer to if you are continually hearing a track or artist you love and want more information. Oftentimes, we add music from more than the albums listed here, but these are our favorites. At the bottom, you can catch the music getting the most airplay on 91.9.

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New In Rotation (11-7-16)

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Until The Hunter

Hope Sandoval, of Mazzy Star, joined forces with Colm Ó Cíosóig of My Bloody Valentine to make this beautiful dreampop album. The pair collaborated with indie rock legend, Kurt Vile, for a single off of this record, Until The Hunter.


American Wrestlers – Goodbye Terrible Youth

American Wrestlers, out of St. Louis, Missouri, recently came out with this follow-up to their 2014 self-titled debut. The band has a pure indie rock sound comparable to leaders of the industry, The War On Drugs, Real Estate, or Wild Nothing.


TOY – Clear Shot

TOY brings psychedelic indie pop sound somewhat comparable to Tame Impala but not near as out of this world. In that sense, there’s a little DIIV in there as well. TOY are signed to PIAS, the current record label of Pixies, indie rock legends.


Pavo Pavo – Young Narrator In The Breakers

Pavo Pavo are a bizarre version of Grizzly Bear taking elements from experimental bands like Dirty Projectors. There’s certainly the synth and poppiness of Dirty Projectors and the dreaminess of Grizzly Bear. Coincidentally, Pavo Pavo are also signed to PIAS Recordings.


Lambchop – FLOTUS

No, this time, FLOTUS does not stand for “First Lady of the United States.” Instead, it’s an acronym for “For Love Often Turns Us Still.” The Nashville band signed to Merge Records has a bit of a new Bon Iver sound similar to what we hear in Justin Vernon’s brand new record, 22, A Million. It’s weird… but still very good.


KSDB Charts

1. Bon Iver – 22, A Million985e010a

Justin Vernon’s solo project’s latest edition, 22, A Million, has certainly caught some eyes. It has critics drooling and long-time casual listeners scratching their heads. He’s gone in a more experimental direction with this implementing much more electronic sounds and far fewer acoustic guitars and banjos.

2. Danny Brown – Atrocity Exhibitiondanny-brown-atrocity-exhibition

After 2013’s Old, I think this is the next logical step for Danny Brown in his career. He doesn’t have a sound similar to anyone else in hip hop. Why not go crazy with it? That’s what he did in Atrocity Exhibition (the name being a nod towards the Joy Division track, “Atrocity Exhibition.”) At times, it’s shocking some of the beats he is able to rap over, but he does it – and he does it well.

3. Regina Spektor – Remember Us To Liferegina-spektor-remember-us-to-life

If you like beautiful, lyrical indie pop, Regina Spektor has probably been a long-time staple in your music collection. She’s gone away from the sound that we learned to love her for years ago, but I think that’s back in Remember Us To Life. She’s kind of a leader in the indie pop industry.

4. EZTV – High In Place1474904855_full_2

Currently on a world tour with Real Estate among others, EZTV gave us their second full-length album, High In Place. They have an indie rock sound extremely similar to their friends, Real Estate. These guys are certainly a group that college radio appreciates.

5. Joyce Manor – Cody87483_joycemanor

There’s a lot of good emo out there right now. Modern Baseball had a great record this year, American Football returned from their 17 year “slumber” with a fantastic followup to their debut, and now, Joyce Manor is back for their fourth record since their 2011 self-titled debut.



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