Music Rotation Wednesdays: March 1

The college radio format is very unique. At KSDB, we cycle new music in and out of regular airplay fairly quickly, and then we move on to newer music to freshen up the sound. This is why no two listening sessions are ever alike. The aim is to expose the community to music they might not have heard before – and might never ever hear otherwise.

The purpose of this weekly post is to give you an insight as to what’s going on with our music rotation and provide a resource to refer to if you are continually hearing a track or artist you love and want more information. Oftentimes, we add music from more than the albums listed here, but these are our favorites. At the bottom, you can catch the music getting the most airplay on 91.9.

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New In Rotation (2-28-17)

Thundercat – Drunk

The man behind the best record of 2015 (To Pimp A Butterfly) by the best rapper in hip hop, Kendrick Lamar, is returning for his fourth studio island. Few artists produce such a beautiful soul funky jazz sound in this day and age. Thundercat has collaborated with artists such as Flying Lotus, Erika Badu, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Pissed Jeans – Why Love Now

KSDB doesn’t play many artists like Pissed Jeans who draw from both hardcore punk and noise rock. Needless to say, when a good record like this comes along, it’s hard to pass up.

Los Campesinos! – Sick Scenes

No, they’re not from Spain (Wales actually) Los Campesinos! bring a very refreshing indie noise pop brand of music.

NE-HI – Offers

This surf pop group has been compared to artists like Twin Peaks, and that can only be good news for fans of good alternative.

Peter Silberman – Impermanence

The frontman from The Antlers blends elements of dream pop, post rock, shoegaze, and indie rock indie one deliciously beautiful debut solo record.

KSDB Charts

1. Teen Daze – Themes For Dying Earth

You can pretty much guess how Teen Daze is going to sound from their band name. It is the solo project of British Columbia musician, Jamison Isaak, and he has recently added more elements of indie pop into his music and strayed away a bit from his chillwave sound he was formerly known for.

2. Tim Darcy – Saturday Night

The Ought frontman is finally out with his solo debut. When indie rock can sound a little tired at times, Darcy and Ought provide a very unique sound. If you’re an Ought fan, you’ll love this record. Didn’t take long for him to sky rocket to the top of our charts.

3. Molly Burch – Please Be Mine

Molly Burch appears to be Angel Olsen light. Her music is so incredibly similar as it continuously pulls at your heart strings as it is complemented with her hauntingly beautiful voice. While she’s no Angel, Burch is more than worth your time. If you enjoyed My Woman, Please Be Mine should jump to the top of your “to-listen-to” list.

4. Dude York – Sincerely

One of an already impressive lineup (Protomartyr, TacocaT, and Chastity Belt) that Hardly Art Records boasts, Dude York’s debut EP offers an almost angsty teenpop that sets itself apart from other artists currently on the label.

5. Xiu Xiu – Prisoner

Xiu Xiu is bizarre. There’s no getting around it. But good music is good music. There may not be a more art rock group out there than this experimental group who also infuses noise pop than Xiu Xiu.

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