Music Rotation Wednesdays: February 6, 2019

New in Rotation (2-6-19)

Deer Tick – Mayonnaise

With covers, old originals, and a couple new tracks, Deer Tick brings a bit of everything to the table in this composition album. Starting off with some Southern, garage-rock, they quickly shift around, including everything from Velvet Underground covers to jazz pieces.

Malibu Ken – Malibu Ken

Aesop Rock with Tobacco is a collaboration I wouldn’t have expected; but they’re able to smoothly combine their hip-hop and electro styles to create an album that’s as weirdly-pleasing as the cover. Aesop’s endless clever one-liners are accompanied by Tobacco’s borderline-vaporwave beats for a dang-good sound.

The Exbats – E is 4 Exbats

Although the songs aren’t new, the Exbats’ new remastered/re-recorded collection brings a bit more production value to old jams. Their simplistic punk/garages rock sounds as good as ever in this release.

Makthaverskan – Demands/Onkel [Single]

This new single from Sweden’s own, Makthaverskan, shows off how deep their post-punk influences go. Instrumentals reminiscent of the mid-80’s alternative scene back-up Maja’s echoey vocals (that remind me of Bethany Cosentino for some reason) for a pleasing, more indie-version of old New Order.

Juliana Hatfield – Weird

Juliana’s songwriting skills are on display in her new release. The 90’s-rock-and-alternative-esque sound meshes with relatable, introspective lyricism for an emotional ride.

Toro y Moi – Outer Peace

A little bit of synth-funk, hip-hop, and R&B make up this; Toro y Moi’s newest release. The sonic-variance may be high, but one thing is consistent; and that’s the chill vibe.


KSDB Charts

1. Girlpool – What Chaos is Imaginary

2. Toro y Moi – Outer Peace

3. Sharon Van Etten – Remind Me Tomorrow

4. Deerhunter – Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

5. Foxwarren – Foxwarren

6. Spud Cannon – Squeeze

7. Young the Giant – Mirror Master

8. Emilie Kahn – Outro [Advance Tracks]

9. Ty Segall – Fudge Sandwich

10. Mattiel – Customer Copy

11. French for Rabbits – The Weight of Melted Snow

12. Our Girl – Stranger Today

13. Ceramic Animal – The Horse

14. The C.I.A. – The C.I.A.

15. Roving Reporter – Joie De Vivre

16. Arre! Arre! – A.T.T.A.C.K.

17. Buke and Gase – Scholars

18. Ian Sweet – Crush Crusher

19. Twist – Distancing

20. Kurt Vile – Bottle It In

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