Music Rotation Wednesdays: February 1

The college radio format is very unique. At KSDB, we cycle new music in and out of regular airplay fairly quickly, and then we move on to newer music to freshen up the sound. This is why no two listening sessions are ever alike. The aim is to expose the community to music they might not have heard before – and might never ever hear otherwise.

The purpose of this weekly post is to give you an insight as to what’s going on with our music rotation and provide a resource to refer to if you are continually hearing a track or artist you love and want more information. Oftentimes, we add music from more than the albums listed here, but these are our favorites. At the bottom, you can catch the music getting the most airplay on 91.9.

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New In Rotation (1-31-17)

Japandroids – Near To The Wild Heart of Life

After their breakout sophomore record, Celebration Rock, in 2012, that was full of angsty post punk, Japandroids are back with a new identity full of “Synths! Ballads! Acoustic Guitars!” The duo wanted to make music now that they will “still respect in the morning.”

Ty Segall – Ty Segall

The king of garage rock just keeps churning out projects. While not all are absolutely incredible, it’s hard to find an album that Segall got his hands on that isn’t worth listening to. He thrashes all over your face at times, and he provides beautiful ballads at just the right time.

The Dig – Bloodshot Tokyo

Psych pop four piece, The Dig, released a couple of EPs in 2013, but Bloodshot Tokyo is their first full length album since 2012.

Walrus – Goodbye Something

Walrus offers a psychedelia-infused brand of surf rock with this new four track EP. The Nova Scotia band reminds of recent KSDB sweethearts, Hoops.

Surf Curse – Nothing Yet

More beach rock for you from Surf Curse. They sound a LITTLE bit like bands like Beach Fossils. Maybe? Work with me here, they’re good.

KSDB Charts

3. Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels 3

After the widespread success of their first two records, this was one of the most anticipated hip hop albums in recent memory. While it may not be the greatest record of all time as some expected, it is hardly a disappointment and again proves with the duo of El-P and Killer Mike are often considered the best duo in the genre.

1. Foxygen – Hang

Known for their eclectic music that leads to each record being totally different from the previous, Foxygen returns backed by a full-on orchestra and at times sounds straight from the stage of Broadway.

2. The Flaming Lips – Oczy Mlody

These guys are now in their 50s, but they surprisingly are still putting out psychedelic music worth listening to. This single was a pleasant surprise.

4. The Ovaries-eez – Moon Birth

Friends of KSDB and local ethereal folk trio out of Lawrence, Kansas, The Ovaries-eez are back with their second record in roughly a year’s time in Moon Birth.

5. Cloud Nothings – Tambaleo

Cloud Nothings are back with a brand new album Life Without Sound. Seemingly a different band from album to album at times, the most recent Cloud Nothings we know and love return for another post punk masterpiece.

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