Music Rotation Wednesday: October 23rd, 2019

Danny BrownU Know What I’m Sayin?

After three years without a release, Danny Brown has come back with an album that’s both adds a new layer of creativity to his music, and calls back to the things he’s made before. This album is weird, no doubt, but it’s just unabrasive enough to draw in a casual audience while still having everything a Danny Brown fan might want. 

Big ThiefTwo Hands

Referred to by the band as the “Earth Twin” to it’s sister album, U.F.O.F., Two Hands is much more ground and personal feeling experience. Live or one-take vocals and soft instrumentals make it feel as though you are in the studio beside the band, listening to them create this work. It’s an incredible album that we’re more than happy to have added to our rotation.


This album felt like it should be release back in July, because it makes us wish for sunnier days and warmer weather. It’s psychedelic, surfer rock sound is reminiscent of similar bands that ruled music scenes in the 70’s. It’s experimental tracks keep it interesting while still being a consistently entertaining release. It’s a call back to brighter days and we’re here for it.

Barrie Happy To Be Here (Ext)

The four track EP, which is technically a continuation of the Happy To Be Here album that was released back in May, acts as a cap to this period of Lindsey Barrie’s solo project. Comprised of two covers and two new tracks, Happy To Be Here (Ext) something any fan of Barrie’s should listen to. 

Camp HowardCañón

This group of four highschool friends have really turned into something special. Now a successful alt rock band, Camp Howard has now given us what is arguable their best work. Cañón doesn’t necessarily feeling an experiment but the band is definitely test some things out this time around. We slammed it into our rotation as soon as we heard it, so I guess you could say we recommend this one.

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