Music Rotation Wednesday: November 20th, 2019

(Sorry this one is late…)

The GrowlersNatural Affair

Natural Affair is the ideal Alt Rock album. It hits on so many different sub-genres, like surf, garage, psychedelic and jazz, and each one knocks it out of the park. All the tracks on this album could stand alone as amazing pieces, but where this album shines is its ability to fit these songs together so seamlessly. Nothing feels out of place or mishandled, it’s near perfect and now it’s in our heavy rotation.

Geowulf My Resignation

This pop-duo’s second album showcases just how much they have grown since their debut back in 2018. This album makes us feel a sense of vulnerability while keeping an energy that can outshine most of our other adds. The album shifts from calling for you to open your heart to a pounding feeling of confidence and joy over its eleven tracks. It’s a wonderful addition to our rotation!

Cate le Bon/Bradford CoxMyths 004

Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox, a collaboration we’ve been waiting for, has more than met our expectations. This fourth edition of the Marfa Myths festival EP series creates a strange and wonderful world for you to experience. This EP is the essence of experimentalist alt.

No VacationPhasing

This five track EP showcases the skilled compositional work that this group can do. It seems to fit together perfectly to create an amazing experimental sound. Listen close when you hear it on air because you seem to hear something new whenever you listen to it. We’ll be playing it plenty enough so you’ll have the chance to listen through a few times.

Me Not YouAlready Gone

The duo has been making a splash since splitting from alt band Little Daylight, and this garage-pop album shows why. A good variation in tone and rhythm keep this album interesting while tying it all together with a distinct sound. Beautiful soundscapes and airy vocals dominate this worthy addition to our rotations.

Chloe Lilac – (Various Singles)

This seventeen year old songwriter and producer makes us excited for the future of alt and pop music alike. These singles have some of the better lyrics we’ve heard this semester. Brilliantly written and produced, we expect to see much more from her in the coming months, but for now you’ll have to settle for the two singles we’ve added.

Macseal Super Enthusiast

This upbeat, soft-rock album is a bit of a departure from the group’s emo-punk-pop roots, but nonetheless manages to make us smile and dance to the beat. This album feels smooth all the way through. From the guitar and bass riffs to its catchy drums, this is the feel good album we need to get through the end of our semester.

Louise BurnsPortraits

This Vancouver based singer-songwriter is back with her third full length album. The emotional power behind this album shows just how much the pop artist has grown since her debut. Her airy vocals create a comforting ambiance that puts us at ease and keeps us listening.

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