Movie Review: Power Rangers

I am usually very skeptical when it comes to remakes or reboots of shows or movies I grew up loving.  Power Rangers was no exception.  When walking into the theater, I imagined it was going to be alright or it was going to be a butchering of the five color-coordinated heroes I woke up on Saturday mornings to watch when growing up.  What I got was a two hour and four minute incredible ride that transported me back to being eight years old again.  Not only did Power Rangers hit just the right amount of nostalgia to whisk me back in time, but the feelings portrayed by the story and struggles of the characters that made me leave feeling like I had got more than my money’s worth.  

Five wayward teens played by actors I hadn’t heard of, five zords with a face lift, and a revamped theme song but same tune from before.  What else could a Power Ranger fan ask for?  I was so happy to not only see that the same things I grew up with had made it to the silver screen and was admittedly impressed with the emotions this movie evoked.  Sure I was on a nostalgia high, but this film actually made me feel the same selfless urge for true friendship the characters were striving to obtain.  I never thought the movie was going to hit so many of my emotional buttons and bring so many current issues facing teens to light.  I resonated with the feelings of the insecure high schoolers on screen as they broke out of the usual cliched breakfast club esque roles you see everywhere.  

In terms of the action in the movie, it starts fast, it is fun, and it keeps your attention.  While I wish we would have seen a bit more of the Ranger’s fighting the grunts of Rita with hand-to-hand combat, or with their weapons for that matter, I was still pleased with what I was given.  

Now, I must stop myself from gushing too much about this film, to protect any reader from being over-hyped.  While I left the theater beaming that day, I did realize one fundamental thing about the Power Rangers TV show that eluded my eight-year-old logic all those years ago; Power Rangers is the most formulaic TV show I have ever seen.  Every episode, the Rangers fought grunts of the villain, the villain grows to be a giant of their former selves, and the rangers have to call upon the Megazord to finish the job.  While fine for children, I am worried that this formula will continue to perpetuate sequel after sequel and be too visible to viewers as the same movie as the Power Ranger’s becomes a true franchise.  Personally, I could watch this movie multiple times so it wouldn’t be the worst thing but only time will tell.  

All in all, for someone who is not a Power Ranger’s fan, this movie is still enjoyable.  I would give it a 4 out of 5.  For all of you Power Ranger’s fans out there, I would say go see this immediately before you miss out on an opportunity to see it in theaters.  

By: Joe Kucharski

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