Movie Review – Pet Sematary

Stephen King; the horror writer of Maine; gave book readers a terrifying new novel decades ago, and it produced a terrific horror movie of the 80s. Flashforward to 2019, where Hollywood throws a dart at an old movie, and sees which one needs to be remade for whatever reason.

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For newer audiences who are unaware of the novel and the older movie: Pet Sematary is about a family that lives on a busy rural road, near a cemetery; where children bury their deceased pets who have been hit by vehicles. This even takes the life of their beloved cat. After an awful, and fatal accident, Louis Creed decides to bury one of two of his children in the pet cemetery. He soon learns that the burial ground is cursed, and the dead can come back to life due to a powerful spirit. Horror and terror plagues the family as more come back to life, and terrorize the poor family.

When the full-length trailer came out, they spoiled a major plot change, one that annoyed and angered fans of the novel and original movie. Personally, it fits better for today’s narrative as no casual movie-goer would enjoy the original take of the movie and novel. The movie itself is slow, and uses the recycled trope of jump scares, yet it did have a darker overtone and the performances were well done. The new ending is one that I did enjoy more so than the original movie and from the novel.

Yet, Hollywood continues this crusade of grave-robbing perfectly good movies and making mediocre new ones for the almighty dollar. Remakes, most of the time, need to be slowed down or killed off and researched instead of remaking it for some two-hour nostalgia trip. Sometimes dead is better.

Overall Rating: 7/10

By Tristan Anderson

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