Movie Review – Jigsaw

While not being a huge fan of the Saw franchise, I was still excited to see the new film, Jigsaw. Boy was I dissapointed. If you look too closely at any part of this movie, it doesn’t make any sense. The dialogue was awful, and the audience laughed multiple times, which during a horror/action movie, that’s not what you want. The games played weren’t too bad, for what we’ve come to expect from these films. They usually have some kind of symbolic tie-in to what the person did in their life, and there was little to none of that in this movie. Also, the plot twist (because let’s face it, there’s always a plot twist in these films) was cheap and dissapointing.

I will say that the one saving grace of this movie is the practical effects. They always look amazing in these films, and that continued to be amazing. I’m glad that after 10 years since the last installation, they didn’t decide to go completely CGI. And what little CGI they did use in this movie looked awful compared to the practical effects, which only proves my point that movies need to use more practical effects.

If you still want to see this movie, I suggest looking at it as fan-made and not an actual part of the series. That way you might enjoy it more.

There’s not much I can talk about in this movie without spoiling it, but I need to talk about it. So spoiler warning for the rest of this review.

The main focus in this movie is whether John Kramer is still alive or not. It’s obvious that he isn’t, because the whole reason he started the games in the first place was because he was diagnosed with cancer. Plus we see him die in one of the previous movies.

The new Jigsaw killer is Logan Nelson, who was in Kramer’s first game because he accidentally switched Kramer’s scans with someone else’s, which is why Kramer’s cancer wasn’t treated sooner. Kramer then decides to take Nelson out of the game, because he thought it was an honest mistake. Nelson then becomes Kramer’s first prodigee (even before Amanda, Hoffman, or Gordon) and helps make the reverse bear trap, arguably the most famous game in the series. I really hated this reveal because it’s the same plot twist that’s been done before: someone unexpected is helping Kramer. Plus, after the movie I looked into the timeline of events, and it doesn’t fit. It would’ve been cooler to see what Hoffman and Gordon are up to now, as they are the only two main characters that are still alive.

Also, the movie is set up at two different times. Nelson is recreating the game he was a part of, but the games and people we see are part of the original game 10+ years ago. I’m sure that’s hard to follow unless you’ve seen the movie, but basically it’s a set up to disctract the audience from the reveal, instead of trying to keep the police from finding out who the killer is.

I could keep going through different parts of the movie and talk about the plot holes, but basically it’s just bad. I shouldn’t have been suprised that they brought the series back after 10 years as a cash grab, not because they actually had a good story to tell. I hope they stop the ‘Jigsaw’ franchise here, because while the original series wasn’t perfect, it deserves better than this.

I rate it 1.5/5 stars
By: Monica Brich

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