Movie Review – Hellboy

One needs to know that just because a movie is rated R, that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard on violence, gore, and cussing. It’s as if edgy teenagers were the creators of this tragedy of a film who thinks that’s how to make a rated R movie.

The movie is about Hellboy; the demon man played by the loveable David Harbour; who is brought in to the B.P.R.D. (the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense). His mission is to help the organization fight monsters such as giants, and protect the people of Earth. Hellboy then comes in contact with Nimue; the Blood Queen who wants Hellboy to start the apocalypse with her. Hellboy with his team must stop the Blood Queen from unleashing a demon horde on London.

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There’s not much to say about this insulting film. Guillermo del Toro; the creator of the original Hellboy movies; was not asked to come back to be writer and director. This is a huge insult to the original movies and to del Toro, as he was wanting to do a third film and was denied. Ron Perlman; the original Hellboy; didn’t sign on without del Toro. So without the original director/writer and lead actor, obviously this film would not survive past pre-production. But with that old Hollywood try, they once again create another movie that will likely fade away in the next five years.

It’s another soulless reboot and surprisingly, it has been accused of trying to white wash the cast. Ed Skrein dropped because the character he was supposed to play is an Asian man not a white man. To think that even progressive Hollywood would still try and pull a stunt like this is beyond me. There were two redeeming moments to this film: the creature design was enjoyable, and it finally ended.

Overall Rating: 3/10

By Tristan Anderson

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