MOOD. – Social Club Misfits

This christian rap duo emerged in Miami, Florida in 2012, releasing their first single, “Misfits.” They have since been respectfully recognized on the Billboard Gospel charts and Christian Album charts. I think their success comes from their creative edge that doesn’t stray too far from the trends of today’s music.

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The Social Club Misfits most recent EP titled MOOD. was released April 5th. In all honesty, this album bumps. I really appreciate that the content in this album is clearly not to impress anyone or to climb the social ladder. One could easily see that their passion is for their music and they use it to express their lives ups and downs. The beats in this EP are sick and the flows are so smooth. If you like to listen to some easy hip-hop, I would highly suggest the listen! There are only five songs, but all of them have their own vibe, and I really like that. My favorite song from the EP is “Que lo Que.” I have a sweet spot for hip-hop that are spanglish, so I’m a big fan.

By Alyx Kemp

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