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Mattiel Brown is the definition of a hands-on musician. The vocalist writes her own music and directs her own visuals. Needless to say, she was born to be creative. When she is not singing, Mattiel is a set designer and illustrator.

Growing up, Mattiel was an only child. Most of her inspiration comes from living on her mother’s farm. The rural area, vast space, and lack of siblings gave her room to grow and experiment with a wide variety of interests and hobbies.

It didn’t take long for a singer to be created. Like so many others, Mattiel was influenced heavily by her parents. As an adolescent, she was fascinated by her mother’s record collection. Most of these albums contained hints of classic rock ‘n roll. Her newest album, Customer Copy, stays true to the pure form of rock.

The strongest aspect of Mattiel’s new album is her voice. It sounds like its own super power during certain parts. Her voice is largely present in most of the songs and is the most vocal instrument. It demands attention and almost skews away from most of the instrumental music. It is blatantly the driving force behind the entire album.

Despite the most booming instrument, her voice, each song is blended with a mixture of soft guitar and hesitant drums. This emphasizes an overall refreshing album. This album is mainly pure rock ‘n roll. She clearly projects out the music, while occasionally dabbling in voice effects.

Like many others, Mattiel stretched her voice while singing along to some of her favorite songs in her car. Her vocal talent is clearly the focus of each songs and the overall album.

Hits: “Follow My Name” “East Coast Swing” “Midwest Hotel”

Misses: “Baron’s Sunday Best”

Rating: 7

By Tori Wiegers

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