Make It Rain Fundraiser Update – April 2nd


The month long KSDB Make It Rain Fundraiser started yesterday. Lucas Peterson with KSDB provided the first 2 PM Sunday update on how the fundraiser is going, the previous week’s events, and what is coming up in the next few days. Be sure to follow KSDB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on the fundraiser and event information. If you want to donate visit 10% of all money raised will be donated to the Ethiopia Reads charity.

KSDB kicked off the Make It Rain Fundraiser yesterday during K-State Open House. Visitors had the opportunity to visit the McCain Auditorium Studios and go live on-air from our K-State Student Union satellite studio. Also last week there was a double header Classroom Series featuring Vela and The Tambourine Club, both from Kansas City.

Coming up next week is the start of 3 PM daily trivia where listeners will have a chance to win music tickets to shows in Lawrence and Kansas City. At 3 PM for the month of April a trivia question will be asked and the first person to call 785-532-0919 with the correct answer will win the tickets. Also coming up is Trivia Night this Thursday April 6th from 8 PM to 9 PM. Approximately 20 questions will be asked by the host Chase Swenson and co-host Lucas Peterson. Listeners will need to call in at 785-532-0919 to answer the trivia and try to win even more tickets to local concerts. Next week will end with another double header Classroom Series of solo artist Ryan Laetari followed by Brandon Adams, both from Wichita.

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