Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life

I didn’t like this album at first but the second time listening to it I found myself dancing to it more. It almost sounds like a playlist to play at a church function.

I found the songs unnecessarily long and only liked a couple of the songs off of the album. The whole album had the same vibe to it, but I don’t think all the songs were super great. I don’t think she’s talented enough for a whole album, she has a good voice but it’s just generic nothing that makes her stand out.

It’s normal to only like a couple songs off of an album. The songs that stuck out to me were Light On, Alaska, Say it, and Back in my Body. Light on is a feel-good song, makes you feel inspired. It’s the kind of song you listen to when driving with the windows down.

Alaska is definitely my favorite. It puts you in a mood, super catchy even though you can’t sing along to it. You could dance to it in a low-key club. Say It is jazzy and has a nice beat, Maggie Rogers is really good at falsettos.

Back In My Body is towards the lower end of the totem pole for me it’s just okay but it makes you want to sing along and it actually picks up toward the end.

By Amelia Andrews

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