Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

Over the years, Mac DeMarco has solidified his role in lo-fi alternative music with his distinct sound. His high pitched, twangy guitar coupled with synths and gritty production make his albums stand out among all else, never really missing a beat with any of his projects. After listening to This Old Dog, I believe that still holds true. 
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this album is how experimental it is in comparison to other DeMarco albums. Granted, it’s not incredibly experimental, and his past albums are still great, but it’s a nice breath of fresh air from the trend Mac DeMarco seemed to be following until this album. Some songs on the album are the norm for DeMarco, but some tracks go full-on with acoustic guitars, and some are much more synth-based than others.
Another nice touch when it comes to this album is that it seems a lot more somber than past DeMarco albums. It seems through the lyrics and, at some points in the album, depressing tone, Mac DeMarco seems to be exploring more interesting territory. Overall, this album seems to be the one where Mac DeMarco is beginning to experiment a little more with his work, and given how good this album is, I would say this is a step in the right direction.
While the singles that came out before the official release are by far my favorites, the rest of the album is still fantastic, and I would recommend it if you have any liking for lo-fi music in general. If you like the works of Pinback or Alex Calder, I would say this album is for you.
By: Ben Morley

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