Logan Movie Review

While Hugh Jackman has had some emotional roles in his time, the investment of playing the same character for the last 17 years has definitely shown his abilities as an actor.  Logan was the final installment with Jackman as Wolverine (Logan) and be far and away, his best portrayal of the character he has done.  The amount of depth in this movie is incredible when looking back to his prior X-Men movies and the action sequences in my opinion are the best I have seen.

As for the action of this film, the director, James Mangold (Also director of The Wolverine) cranked the fight scenes up to 11, taking full advantage of the R-Rating for this movie.  And it is no surprise that there was a great portrayal of the “loner” character of Logan was done so well due to Mangold’s previous directing of Girl, Interrupted.  His song choice and influences from Mangold’s directing of Oscar winning Walk the Line were perfect attributes seen in Logan as well.

According to Mangold, one of the movies that influence Logan is Shane (1953) which is actually the movie Professor- X and Laura are watching in the hotel room scene.  However, another influence of the movie is Mickey Rourke’s The Wrestler which is one of my top 5 movies of all time and fits perfectly with Logan’s character in my opinion.

Dafne Keen, the young actress who played Laura, had some of the most intense fight scenes in Logan. With silent savagery, Keen makes her film debut and hopefully will continue in the X-Men movies to come.

Logan has all of the X-Men flare with a nice balance of humanity towards the character.  Jackman’s character dealing with his own mortal brings you closer to the character on a personal level than ever before.  You can feel the emotion in the film as you see the aged character struggle with alcoholism and his coping to aging.  The movie’s message of consequence for your actions and that you must pay for the sins of the past, while a trope of many Wolverine films of the past, has not hit home to the viewer like it has in Logan.  I feel that the amount of time Jackman has held the role attributed to this.  Most college aged students like myself have grown up with his hero, so his exit from the franchise was as emotional in a nostalgic way.  I don’t believe I will be the only one whose heart strings were tugged at the end of the film.

Overall, I give this movie a sought after 5 out of 5 in terms of comic book superhero movies.  No movie will be completely perfect, but Logan is currently sitting #49 on IMDB’s Top 250 list and I believe that it is a fitting for such a fantastic movie.  I would highly recommend seeing this as soon as possible in theaters. 

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