Tempo Ft. Missy Elliott – Lizzo

Melissa X Melissa = TEMPO! 2019 Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee Missy Elliott collaborated with another “thick b****” to F it up to the TEMPO!

American Rapper, flautist and songwriter Lizzo

The song is just a BANGER, listen below!

Melissa AKA Lizzo reps Houston and recently featured in Spring 2019 Playboy magazine #TheSpeechIssue.

Throw it back! Catch That!

@Lizzobeeating went viral with the #MaskOffChallenge playing the flute! BUT she has always been vicious with her pen and creativity.

Lizzo released her single “Juice” with a SOUL GLO reference you may have caught in the video! Lizzo is scheduled as a performer of the 2019 Coachella Music Festival.

“Slow songs they for skinny h***s, can’t move all of this to one of those!”


Lizzo Album “Cuz I Love You”, an LP, releases April 19, 2019

“Look good, look good, look Gouyyyyrrrddd!” said Missy Elliott

This joint is Hype! 10/10

By: LeAndre Carthen

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