Lego Movie 2 Review

By Jared Sleppy

“The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” is an animated movie directed by Mike Mitchell. When I heard that Mitchell would be directing this film, I knew that there were going to be some definite warning signs considering he hasn’t directed a good movie in his entire career. He has directed “timeless classics” such as “Trolls”, “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked”, and “Sky High” which were all horrible. For those of you who are unaware, the first Lego Movie was by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Lord and Miller created a piece of cinematic history with the first movie that was filled with emotion, passion, and a great script. You give that concept to an incompetent director, and of course it’s not going to be as good as the original.

As far as the movie goes, it was unimpressive. Not a whole lot stood out to me in this film besides the animation and some of the songs. Even then, they were hit or miss. As for the animation, you knew going in that the animation was going to be good, however, the animation of the apocalypse world was not very colorful and seemed kind of dull and uninspired. The worst part of the movie had to be the plot. It was scattered and not very focused with the villain’s motivations being all over the place and not making sense. The plot twists (yes, plural) weren’t justified and nothing felt earned for the hero.


Everything’s Not Awesome….

As far as the villain goes, Rex Dangervest is a huge step down from the villains in the first Lego Movie. Will Ferrell and Liam Neeson’s roles were iconic, but Rex was just lack-luster. One of the plot twists at the end of the movie was that Rex was Emmett from the future and it was a pretty predictable discovery. Rex’s motivation for his evil actions were that his friends had fun without him in the new world that Finn’s (the boy character from the first movie) sister Bianca created. Rex then became tough like Lucy wanted him to in order to get to a time machine and changed his past. What doesn’t make sense is why he became tough in the first place. Originally Lucy wanted Emmett to act tough to adjust to the times but he was unable. He eventually does toughen up, but then instead of trying to go back and show that he is tough like Lucy wanted, he decides to ruin Emmett’s future instead. I know that time travel can be tricky in movies, but this movie had no business of being in this department. There were so many ways this movie could have created an inspiring and creative ending, but that was all wasted.

In conclusion, it’s not a movie I would recommend seeing by yourself if you’re over the age of 10, but if you have kids, it’s not offensively bad and there are some enjoyable bits. The animation is solid throughout the movie and the voice acting is well done.

Rating: 4/10

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