KSDB’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2018


Daniel Lopez – Co-Music Director

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib – Bandana (TBA)
A few years ago, this dynamic duo of talented rappers released Pinata, which did not disappoint. Songs like “Harolds”, “Thuggin”, “Robes” and “High” made Pinata one of the best albums of 2014, and now these two have reunited to give us, hopefully, another memorable project.

Father John Misty – TBA (TBA)
J. Tillman has not been a lazy man, as he has come out saying he is releasing another one in 2018, after putting out Pure Comedy last year, which was one of the best efforts in indie for 2017. If he can keep up the momentum he has going for him currently, and stay as inspired and ambitious as what he has done before, then this is set to another good one.

Danny Brown – TBA (TBA)
Danny Brown is making his return this year, and I couldn’t be more excited, as I have no idea what to expect out of it. His last two studio albums, Old and Atrocity Exhibition, have been iconic Danny Brown, and he now says this next one “is going to be a big deal” and that “it’s being produced by one producer, who is legendary in hip-hop.” If this album can live up to the hype and tops, or comes close to topping, the past efforts, then it will be one of the best of 2018.

Monica Brich – Website Director

Born Ruffians – Uncle, Duke & The Chief (2/16/18)
I got really into this Canadian-born band last year, so I’m really excited to see them come out with a full album. Their songs “Oh Cecilia”, “Needle” and “Ocean’s Deep” have a beat that is so easy to groove to, and the singles that they’ve released so far have been great. Apparently the single “Forget Me” was written the day David Bowie died. It looks at death as something beautiful instead of something sad, which is a great sendoff for such an incredible artist. It seems like everything is lining up for a great album. Now they just need to tour around here, because it would be the highlight of my year.

Twin Peaks – Sweet Singles ’17 (2/9/18)
It looks like Twin Peaks is keeping itself busy. They released a bunch of singles and a live album last year, and this year they’re putting the singles into an album as well as touring with Portugal. The Man. The album is supposed to be a mix of serious songs, not serious songs, and cliches, so that should be an interesting mix. So far I’ve only heard the single “Blue Coupe”  I really like that they are a folk band, and they really dance on the line between country and alternative.  They also throw in some 70s psychedelic vibes, which is cool. It’s something I rarely see, and they do it really well.

The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time (3/9/18)
While they haven’t garnered much success since 2007’s Costello Music, I really want new music from this band. (If you have never heard of this band, you’ve probably heard their song “Chelsea Dagger” without even realizing.) They have a very distinct sound, but it’s hard to describe; kind of like an old-school circus. So far I’ve enjoyed two of the three singles they’ve released, so hopefully this means that the Fratellis are making a comeback.


David Dougherty – Promotions Co-Director

The ACBs – TBA (TBA)
This might be the album I’m most excited for this year. I know it’s coming because I got to interview the guys in both the Fullbloods and Shy Boys when they were in town to play the Classroom Series and perform at the Jump Joint. “But those bands aren’t the ACBs,” you might be thinking. If you’re not familiar with the two Kansas City collectives, the two consist of most of the members of the ACBs and some fresh faces. The ACBs hadn’t announced a hiatus or a permanent split so I took the opportunity to ask about any projects that might be in the works and the answer both put me at peace and thrilled me. After nearly five years, another release is approaching. We can expect that release to come around summer time. If you haven’t given these guys a listen and enjoy indie and synth pop and psychedelic rock, give all three bands I’ve mentioned in this paragraph a listen and get excited for the ACBs release.

Vampire Weekend – Mitsubishi Macchiato (TBA)
I’m stoked about this album because I loved Modern Vampires of the City. That album was beautifully orchestrated and Ezra Koenig promises that Mitsubishi Macchiato will be “more spring time than the last one”. For those of you who enjoyed the band’s 2008 and 2010 releases, Vampire Weekend (self-titled) and Contra respectively, this announcement by Koenig should bring joy to your ears. Although Modern Vampires of the City was a great album, songs such as “Hudson” had an icy edge. I still appreciated that track a lot but for different reasons than tracks such as “M79” and “Cousins”. That being said, if Mitsubishi Macchiato ends up sounding more like Modern Vampires of the City than the band’s self-titled album I still wouldn’t complain. I’m just excited to hear how the band has developed over the last handful of years.

Frank Ocean – TBA (TBA)
Frank’s last album, Blonde, broke my heart in the best way possible. Well placed haunting melodies, a hardened tone, and stories of relationships blended into a thoroughly enjoyable and bumping record the makes you feel good. Since that 2016 release, Frank has released five singles. If these singles are any indication of what the next album will sound like (spoiler: they are most likely indicative) then we should all be very excited. “Provider” and “Biking” (both versions) are my favorite singles of Frank’s since the release of Blonde. I would be overjoyed with a whole album of tracks like that but listening to Blonde reminds me that that’s not all too likely. That’s not really a problem for me though since a really enjoyed Blonde.

Bridget Lynch – Promotions Co-Director

CS Luxem – Symptoms (2/17/18)
This album has been highly anticipated from the moment I got involved at KSDB. Being the first Classroom Series I was ever involved in, and my foot into the door of my life at KSDB, I am more than thrilled we are finally getting a CS Luxem album. There’s old familiar songs  from the local band, and also a few that I’m not familiar with. I’m sure will keep this album playing in my car long past it’s release.


Mount Eerie – Distortion (3/16/18)
Call me morbid, but Mount Eerie’s A Crow Looked At Me was easily the best album of the year last year. Coping with his wife’s death, while being brutally honest about what the aftermath of a death of a loved one looks like, is art in its truest form. I cannot wait to see where Phil Elverum takes his heartbreaking candor next.

Car Seat Headrest – Twin Fantasy (2/16/18)
Kinda cheating, but Car Seat Headrest re-recorded Twin Fantasy, a very lo-fi self release, and is soon releasing an updated,  fully finished version of the album. Until Feb 16th I’ll just replay the old version of Twin Fantasy,  Teens of Style, Teens of Denial to satiate my excitement for this cult favorite.

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