KSDB Staff Spotlight: Tana Akers

Name: Tana Akers
Twitter: @tanaakers
Position at KSDB: Production Director
Year in School: Senior
Major / Minor: Journalism & Digital Media, Electronic Focus
Hometown: Topeka, KS

How’d you get involved with KSDB?Tana
I had friends that were in radio for a few years and they had a lot of fun with it. I talked to my friend Jay about cohosting a show. I was pretty quiet and nervous every time I went on, even though I had a ton of fun. It made it easier having someone else there, and that was that. I was really excited about it, and I still am, even though I don’t have a show this semester.

What exactly does your job entail?
My job entails the production work at KSDB. That means anything you hear in between songs was made by myself or my predecessor. This can range from liners to PSAs to announcing upcoming KSDB events and even highlighting on other campus organization functions. Essentially, anything that isn’t an actual song is made by the production director. 

Favorite part about your position? Or the station?
My favorite part about the station is our Classroom Series that started up last year. My “thing” is videography and editing. I love it almost as much as I love music. Being able to combine the two to film local bands is incredible. It adds a lot to our station and I think it’s a great way for listeners to become engaged with us. [View Tana’s killer work over on our YouTube channel here.]

What’s your biggest goal for the semester?
I want KSDB to become a bigger part of the community. I’d love to have an end of the semester bash with some local acts.

downloadGive us 3 albums or artists you’ve been vibing with lately.
The Story So Far – pretty much all of their discography. I started listening to them at the beginning of summer and they’re awesome. I don’t know why I never checked them out earlier. I love unique voices, and Parker Cannon definitely has one. You can hear a lot of his emotion in his voice during the acoustic songs.
Hermitude – Dark Night Sweet Light. I’d never really listened to electronic music, but when I picked this up at the station, I couldn’t stop listening. There are quite a few tracks on there that are some sweet tunes to drive to.
Teen Men – Teen Men. This album came out back in June, but I’m still jamming to it. It holds two members from The Spinto Band. There’s still definitely that Spinto feel, but it’s a little sweeter.

And, a guilty pleasure?
Probably Grey’s Anatomy. It’s probably the worst show I’ve ever seen, but I’ve been so invested with it for so long, I can’t look away. I will give them props for their soundtracks. They always seem to find some cool music.

Tana’s incredible production work can be heard throughout several of our on-air liners and PSAs as well as seen in the footage she masters for KSDB’s Classroom Series. View her video for our recent CS guests Psychic Heat below:

By: Ellen Collingwood

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