KSDB Staff Spotlight: Nick Fief

Name: Nick Fief
Twitter: @NicksFiefdom (and, check out the account for local music-focused specialty hour @Garage_KSDB.)
Position at KSDB: Music Director
Year in School: Senior
Major / Minor: Food Science and Industry
Hometown: Manhattan, KS

How’d you get involved with KSDB?
I spent a lot of hours listening to KSDB when I was in high school and as a freshman at K-State. I’ve always loved music and thought radio was a really great thing, especially student-run radio. I got involved my sophomore year when I found out anyone could enroll in MC 165, even College of Ag kids like me. From the start, I wanted to get more involved with music and Jordan Swoyer, the Music Director at the time, took me under his wing and showed me how college radio works.

What exactly does your job entail?
I am responsible for handling all music submissions the station receives (typically around 30-40 records per week). After listening through everything, five records are chosen to be reported as KSDB’s top 5 adds. I alsNicko gather data from our electronic automation system and from DJs on the top 30 records we are playing each week in order to report our weekly top 30 charts. Additionally, I am responsible for staying in touch with the promoters and record labels that service us the music we play in order to continue receiving music submissions each week. I coordinate the live music events including the shows and Classroom Series performances the station puts on by maintaining contact between local bands and venues. I also write album reviews for the website and update our local music library as often as possible.

Favorite part about your position? Or the station?
I have always enjoyed and also taken very seriously the task of choosing what music will be played on KSDB. It’s not an easy decision to make and I consider a large number of variables in order to keep the rotation as balanced and as educational as possible, including genres, artistic merit, and even gender of the artist/group. I strive to keep our rotation well rounded and current to the times.

What’s your biggest goal for the semester?
My biggest goal for this semester is to bring more quality live music to the city of Manhattan. I have heard complaints from too many people about not wanting to drive all the way to Lawrence or Kansas City just to see a good show. Manhattan has always been welcoming to country musicians, but I think there are a number of people here who would like to expand their musical horizons a little further than that. I want to bring those experiences to the people of Manhattan.

Give us 3 albums you’ve been vibing with lately.

Is-Butter-a-carb-2Three brothers from St. Joe, MO that know how to rock, Radkey – Dark Black Makeup. Long Beach rapper’s very promising debut, Vince Staples – Summertime ’06. And a throwback to 1994, Guided By Voices – Bee Thousand.

And, a guilty pleasure?
Quoting Mean Girls.

You can catch Nick on air Tuesday nights from 8-9pm and also Fridays at 4pm for his specialty show The Garage, featuring local acts from across the area as well as informed discussion on the local music scene.

By: Ellen Collingwood

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