KSDB Roundtable – Campus Carry

KSDB hosted another Roundtable Discussion on April 12th, the topic was allowing permit-less concealed carry of guns on college campuses.  On July 1st the public university exemption to the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act will expire, allowing any legal adult to conceal carry a firearm, without a permit, into any college building that does not have “adequate security measures”. Kansas will become the first state that will allow any student who is over 21 years old to carry a concealed gun without a permit onto campus.

The first half was a discussion between host Lucas Peterson, K-State Professor Philip Nel, and K-State graduate student Michael Reichenberger about the K-State campus’s perspectives on allowing the concealed carry of guns. The second half was a discussion between host Lucas Peterson, Representative Sydney Carlin (District 66), Representative Blake Carpenter (District 81), Representative John Whitmer (District 93), and Senator Tom Hawk (District 22) about the Kansas Legislature’s differing perspective on the campus carry debate.

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