Kanye West/Kid Cudi – ye / KIDS SEE GHOSTS

Kanye West has been on a tear creating music this past month. First, he produced Pusha- T’s entire album, then, on June 1st, he released his highly anticipated solo album ye, and most recently he dropped his equally-anticipated collaborative album with Kid Cudi, KIDS SEE GHOSTS. All three of these projects are a mere 7 tracks, but granted he released them all in a matter of a month, one really can’t complain.


Kanye’s previous two solo albums have both been heavily experimental, and ye is simply no different. The opening track “I Thought About Killing You” shines a light on all of Kanye’s current psychopath-like psyche. The track goes very hand in hand with the phrase on the album cover, and while listening you can hear the mental toll that has came with being such a controversial public figure. “Yikes,” the following track, provides more perspective over these themes, and proves Kanye still has the ability to make tracks bump, but honestly it’s too self-absorbed, even for kanye, to be a song you’d want to play at a party. “All Mine’s” production makes for enjoyable listen with very intriguing experimentalism, while “Never Leave” talks about the damages that some of his public stints caused to his marriages. After his infamous TMZ interview, Kanye said he completely redid his album and this song shows that to be the case. After the rather boring “No Mistakes,” Kanye unleashes the epic “Ghost Town” which features Kid Cudi, as a sort of promotion to KIDS SEE GHOSTS. Cudi brings a new element to this album and helps lift this track and it gives a similar feel as “Runaway” does in MBDTW. In the finale “Violent Crimes” Kanye raps about his changed perspective on women and how he fears for his own daughters suffering that’s to come as she grows. It’s a nice concept, and the production is pretty amazing, but just like that the album is done. The big fundamental problem with this album compared to other two 7-track projects is that there are too many slow burners and boring moments to really make this that enjoyable of a listen. Overall speaking, this album is not bad, but it’s definitely his worst relative to his past work.

Hits- “All Mine”, “Yikes,” “Ghost Town”

Misses “No Mistakes”

Rate – 6.5



On this project, in comparison to ye, the themes and aesthetics are very similar, yet it seems to have a darker feeling with more sense of importance. Kid Cudi and Kanye have always had a close relationship, and for many, hearing that the two were going to join forces was a dream come true. But I doubt any of them saw the album playing out the way it did. Kanye continues his streak of production that sounds rawly expiremently but slightly as if it missing something. The opener, “Feel the Love,” sends a oxymoron like message, as Cudi sings about being able to feel the love over the sound gunshots. “Fire” has a very appealing flow, and the change of pace instrumental in the middle follows many of the song structures of Yeezus & The Life of Pablo. On “4th Dimension,” a highlight of the album, Cudi and Kanye use a rather happy sample and transform it into a sinister track that is both enjoyable and thoughtful. After the repetitive yet catchy “Freeee,” Cudi goes back to using techniques that have worked for him in the past to create the most popular track sofar, “Reborn,” which continues to display the new sense of freedom within the two artists. On the title track, the production continues to stay dark, with clever lines and a excellent verse from Kanye. After the memorable and introspective closer, “Cudi Montage,” which samples an old Kurt Cobain song, it feels as if you just went through a journey in Kanye and Cudi’s personal struggles and their state of being. KIDS SEE GHOSTS may not a be a perfect piece of work, but all in all there is a lot to be appreciated from this project as Kanye continues to create new directions for modern hip hop.

Hits- “4th Dimension” “Kids See Ghosts” “Fire” “Reborn”

Misses- N/A

Rate- 8

By: Daniel Lopez

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