Kamikaze – Eminem

Eminem dropped a surprise attack on August 31, 2018 with his new album Kamikaze solidifying his status of legend. From beginning to end this 13 track album delivers in only a way that the real Slim Shady could.

Let’s talk about track one titled “The Ringer” where Eminem uses his expert wordsmithing and flow to his advantage which is boosted by Dr. Dre’s masterfull beat production. When these two get together they are like messengers from the hip hop gods. In this track eminem raps on subjects such as the media bagging on him about his previous year (2017) and the backlash he received from Republicans following his BET Music Awards freestyle where he bashed President Donald Trump. After addressing the hate he moves into bars bashing Trump once more showing that he has not one care in the world about those people who bashed him.

The next track I want to talk about is of course “Not Alike (Feat Royce da 5’9).” Eminem went off the wall on this track dissing some of today’s new artist such as Lil Yachty and most of all Machine Gun Kelly. He speaks the industry and how he believes himself as the G.O.A.T or at least the greatest of today. His verse is only complimented by Royce Da 5’9 and the beat is something I could see blaring through my car radio; and I have been.

If this album has one fault in my opinion it is in the namesake track “Kamikaze” don’t get me wrong it is a good song but it has a different vibe from the rest of the album with more of a 2000’s Eminem feel due to the call back to his 2005 song “FACK” as the hook of the track. If Em’s point was to flip the script with this album this call back throws that off a bit.

All in all this album lives up to its name Eminem put it all on the line but he took down a lot of haters with him. Whether it was critics who have raked him over the coals this past year, angry right wing politicians or in his opinion unworthy MC’s of today Em killed them all with this album. And Dr. Dre showed how a skilled veteran produces an album and reminds everyone that forgot about him that the doctor can still perform surgery.

By Dayton Bossard

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