Julia Jacklin – Crushing

The entire album is ten songs. Each song is almost under five minutes, with the longest one being almost six minutes long. It’s an album formed from emotions. Most notably, intimacy, infatuation, and heartbreak.

It’s clear that Julia’s voice is the driving force behind her album Crushing. The album lays under the alternative genre. My favorite song would have to be “Head Alone.” The lyrics that caught my attention were: “So I’ll say it ’til he understands. You can love somebody without using your hands. Yeah, I’ll say it ’til he understands. You can love somebody without using your hands.”

Love has so many different meanings and variations, but I couldn’t help but nod in agreement when I heard this. Love can also be expressed in other ways. Like taking out the trash for your partner without being told to, getting up early to make your SO some coffee because you know they have a long day ahead, getting up to scrape off the ice on their car, and so much more.

Throughout the album, there were sparks of intimacy and beautiful vocals. The eerie drums and bass mixed well with her jaded voice that wanders. A song that was ‘meh’ is called “Good Guy.” However, the endgame was strong with this one. The last quote was, “Tell me I’m the love of your life just for a night even if you don’t feel it.” This kind of speaks of desperateness on a certain level. That want to feel loved. The need is so strong that this person is willing to believe the obvious lie.

Hits: “Head Alone” “You Were Right”

Misses: “Good Guy”

Rate: 8

By Tori Weigers 

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