John Wick: Chapter 2 Review

The new installment of the John Wick saga has been released and it did not disappoint.  I personally loved the first John Wick, but I was worried that the next chapter in the story was not going to live up to the first as many sequels fall short.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did it have the feel of the first, but Keanu Reeve’s pushed the character even further, pushing John Wick to do more incredible things on screen.  

One aspect that I feel sets this movie apart, and admittedly ahead, of other shoot-em-up action movies is that it addresses the classic pitfalls of the genre.  How many times have you watched a film to think “how does this character always beat the thugs to the point none of them get back up?” or “I did not know they made a clip for a gun with infinite bullets.  How can he still be shooting?” Well John Wick: Chapter 2 not only covers these tropes, but actually addresses the bullets question during the film. The feeling I got from this film was much like an Americanized James Bond, with more mercenary than spy. Of course, this movie comes with the same charm as the first with the parts we know from the first John Wick such as the humor, quotes like “You workin again John?”, and the infamous pencil story.    

I could go on about the incredible fight sequence choreography, which is incredible.  The fast pace of Reeve’s movements in the film really shows that this 52 year-old has definitely put in some work to get himself prepared for this film.  And any scenes with John Wick using a gun is also a treat.  The scenes with new weapons introduced will also get adrenaline pumping, as many times I had to vocalize “woah” as I watched in awe of this action packed behemoth of a movie.  

Like all movies, it is not without its flaws.  This movie doesn’t have much when it comes to plot, but in reality, you don’t go to this type of movie for the plot.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and in the span of action movies I would honestly give it a five out of five stars.  If you are a fan of the franchise, in my opinion I would go see this movie as soon as possible so you can gear up for John Wick 3 & 4 which have been said to be approved!

By: Joe Kucharski

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