JID – DiCaprio 2

Only a year after his stunning debut album, JID released the much anticipated follow up project, DiCaprio 2, on Nov. 26th. If you are curious about title, for a while now JID has related to Leo DiCaprio in the sense of how they have been recognized by the public. Back in 2015, when J.I.D was still on Soundcloud and released the first DiCaprio, he felt overlooked, sort of in the same way Leo did when he kept being snubbed of an Oscar. Fast-forward to now, and both of the two have gotten the recognition they deserved; Leo’s got his Oscar, and JID is garnering attention throughout the world. 

The album kicks off with the sounds of someone flipping through a TV (I think) until they finally find what they want, and from there DiCaprio 2 “activates.” After the tone setting track “Slick Talk,” DiCaprio 2 skyrockets with a nice stretch of bangers including “Westbrook,” “Off Deez,” and “151 Rum.” On these tracks JID shows off his uncanny ability to rap at the speed of light while still maintaining a clean flow. “Off Da Zoinkys” is easily the most conscious track on DiCaprio 2 as JID raps over the problem many people have with substance abuse and its over glorification in todays society. It is never easy to talk about this as a rapper but I loved that he was willing to risk looking like a “player hater” to relay a honorable message. “Working Out,” “Tiied,” “Skrawberries,” and “Hot Box” are all smooth, mellow tracks that are awesome to listen to whether your commuting to class or just hanging with some buds. The performances by the features on these tracks are very impressive and provide a nice complement to JID as well. “Mounted Up” and “Despacito Too” both bring a nice edge to close the album out, and the bonus track “Hasta Luego” leaves the listener with no doubt that JID will be a force to be reckoned with in Hip-Hop for years to come.

DiCaprio 2 is clear proof that JID is one of the most talented rappers around. If you listen to all of his studio work so far its easy to see why people compare him to the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and Anderson P.A.A.K. The man has so much potential due to his remarkable flow. The thing is, if he really wants to rise to the level that his comparisons currently sit at, he is going to need to get more meaningful and thematic with his next project. I’m not saying he needs to make something like “To Pimp a Butterfly,” but he will need to dive deeper into some cohesive motif for the following album if he wants to go down as one of the greats. As for now though, DiCaprio 2 provides all the evidence one could need to see that for JID, the sky is the limit. 

Hits – “Slick Talk,” “Off Deez,” “151 Rum,” “Working Out,” “Tiied,” “Skrawberries,” and “Hasta Luego”

Misses – “Just Da Other Day”

Rate – 8 

By: Daniel Lopez

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