JEFF the Brotherhood – Magick Songs

I love how Magick Songs began. The song “Focus on the Magick” began with a smooth fade in. It continued to grow stronger as the instruments blared. Although, it was the same versus repeatedly for a solid minute. It took a bit longer than I liked to pick up and get on with the lyrics. I feel like that if a song could describe the picture of the album, this song would be it.

After the first song, the album went downhill.

The band consists of two brothers named Jake and Jamin Orrall. The siblings are from Nashville, Tennessee. I would describe their style as psychedelic. A lot of the songs in this album are trippy and make you want to cover your ears. It wouldn’t surprise me if the brothers were on drugs when they composed this music.

The brothers are the sons of successful producer, singer, songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall. Naturally, they grew up surrounded by music. What was interesting to me is that they began the JEFF the Brotherhood in 2001, while they were still in high school. That’s early in the game.

This is an album to listen to if you’re bored. If you like simple music and not intricate music, this is the album for you.

After hearing the same song and vocals and music over and over, the song “Parachute” finally mixed it up a bit. It still wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible. I’m just happy there were different choruses and melodies in this song. It seems rare to find in this album. A good chunk of the songs don’t have lyrics, so it was harder for me to connect to.

Overall, most songs are better than this compilation of songs. This album didn’t stick out to me in any way. I’ll probably forget about it in five minutes.

Hits: “Focus on the Magick” “Locator” “Magick Man”

Misses: “Camel Swallowed Whole” “Relish” 

Rate: 4

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