VIDEO: Drake – ‘In My Feelings’

Drake is keeping the visuals coming for Scorpion and it was only right “In My Feelings” came next.

After maintaining the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top 100 for 3 weeks, and all the internet buzz, it was hard not to see this one coming. Aubrey and his team haven’t given us a dull video from Scorpion and they certainly didn’t with the 5th installment.

Shot in New Orleans by Karena Evans and Popp Rok Production (the same team credited for “God’s Plan” and “I’m Upset“), the video begins with a scene featuring Drake at the home of “Keke,” (played by Lala Anthony) throwing rocks at her window to get her attention. Wearing gold teeth and using his best New Orleans accent – which is laughable in itself – Drake attempts to win over her forgiveness like a 90’s teenage love story. Enter Phylicia Rashad as Keke’s mother to tell Drake to get his Jordan’s off her walkway: “This is not a Taye Diggs movie, sir!

Drake takes the rest of the video to the vibrant streets of New Orleans, rapping in front of a Lil Wayne mural and showing New Orleans’ rich musical culture with street musicians and bands. When you consider the influence NOLA has on the song itself, the setting of the video is a no brainer.

Oh yes, and there’s plenty of dancing.

In My Feelings” has developed an unofficial choreography. This is in large part due to a viral dance challenge of comedian and self-proclaimed social media influencer Shaquille “Shiggy” Mitchell, who himself makes a lengthy appearance in the video. Yung Miami of relatively unknown Miami rap duo City Girls also makes a cameo to fulfill the pair’s vocals.

Instead of ending the video when the song did, Drake gifts us with another hilarious bit of acting. This time a two minute skit featuring himself and Shiggy. Shiggy plays a production assistant on the set of a music video.

Finally, during the final 30 seconds of the video, as the credits roll, a compilation of “Shiggy Challenge” participants are shown. DJ Khaled, Odell Beckham Jr., Ciara and Will Smith are among those who appear dancing. “In My Feelings” is a great example of how the internet and social media can directly impact  music. When a song goes viral for whatever reason it can create unmeasurable success. Soulja Boy did (and may have been the first one to do so) with “Crank That,”. More recently Rae Sremmurd with “Black Beatles.” Time and time again it has been the recipe for success.

Will we see a sixth video from Scorpion? It’s probably doubtful, but at this point, who would be opposed? I’m ready for a Denzel Washington cameo. It’s only a matter of time.

By: Dallas Coronado

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