Hozier – Wasteland, Baby!

The Irish born and raised artist came on the scene in 2013 when his song “Take Me To Church” went viral. His most recent album Wasteland, Baby! Takes his soulful, heavy vocal sound to a new level.

This new album has an even more powerful than Hozier’s previous albums. Most of the songs consist of a chorus as the backup vocalists, and the sounds of stomping and clapping. I also really appreciate Hozier’s use of the tambourine. The combination of these sounds provide a passionate powerful sound. I could see these songs being used on a drama movie soundtrack.

Most of his songs on this album almost have an eerie dark sound, then he’ll throw in a song with some funk and guitar riffs.

“Almost (Sweet Music)” is my favorite from this album, I can see this song getting BIG. It’s catchy and has a pretty smooth melody.

Hozier takes yet another turn with “Wasteland, baby!” which is the final song on the album. It is softer type of song with some clear acoustic guitar and a simple vocal presence. I really could imagine myself listening to this song relaxing under a nice sunset.

Overall, Hozier provided another album that is new and fresh but has not neglected the sound that we’re used to hearing from him. I think this album is great and gives him a new edge. It is definitely worth the listen.

By Alyx Kemp

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