#heARTmhk: So, what’s all the buzz about?

If you’ve been perusing local music Twitter lately, you’ve more than likely come across the hashtag “#heARTmhk.” Many may have put two-and-two together and assumed it was obviously something art-related; and while you’re not wrong, there’s much more to the story. KSDB met up with a few of the masterminds behind the project to dig a little deeper and learn more about how to get involved.

The #heARTmhk efforts were ignited by a small group of remarkably passionate individuals piqued with curiosity as to why Manhattan seems to have a lackluster arts (namely, live music) scene in comparison to comparable metro areas. In starting this digital and community-based movement, they hope to unite individuals in the Manhattan area that share this sentiment in order to gain traction to make a change.

The backbone behind the project at this stage is a brief, yet pivotal survey the team is putting together in order to gather data to leverage venues and promoters to take Manhattan more seriously. You can help advance the movement by taking 2 minutes to take the survey, which simply asks you to share your musical preferences and basic information about how and when you typically consume live music. Additionally–the team encourages the use of #heARTmhk freely; mark anything and everything that supports the mission of uniting the community around a strengthened arts scene.

For now, you can check out some of the ways the hashtag is being used in real-time below. Head over to @heARTmhk to keep up with all things local music, art, and culture–including two events tonight alone:

Did learning more about this excite you? If you are interested in getting more involved with the behind-the-scenes efforts of #heARTmhk, please leave us your information below. We look forward to engaging in this growing movement and as always, helping enhance all things local.

By: Ellen Collingwood

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