Gold Movie Review

While I did not hear a lot about this movie buzz around it and it was not received well by critics, I feel that Gold was pretty decent.  This movie had a very interesting story based on true events and I will see any movie that is done within this time period (1970’s-1980’s).

Matthew McConaughey played miner and businessman, Kenny Wells, who narrates the film.  His depiction was good, and truly was impressive.  McConaughey channeled his inner DeNiro (Raging Bull reference) and drastically changed his appearance for the film much like his work in Dallas Buyers Club.  To play his character, McConaughey shaved his teeth, shaved his head, and gained 45 pounds to play his character which I believe deserves respect for his sheer commitment to the role.  

However, I can’t say I was so impressed with some of his co-stars.  Edgar Ramirez, who played Michael Acosta seemed to not have any real emotions in this film.  While Ramirez’s character may have seemed to try and act cold and reserved in a stern way, for me I didn’t even see that.  Most scenes Ramirez was in seemed so forced to even show an emotional response such as feeling angry or to be flustered that I kept realizing “he is trying so hard to act angry or flustered right now.”  

All-in-all, I did enjoy this movie.  The story is something I had never heard of before from history and it kept me interested.  I will say that there was a very close resemblance to The Wolf of Wall Street in the story progression, which is a definite plus in my mind and should warrant the film for a great rating.  Unfortunately, it also felt like The Wolf of Wall Street’s runtime of three hours, and Gold only has a runtime of 2 hours.  While the story is interesting and some of the actors performances are entertaining to watch, there was a definite lack of energy in the film which made me keep looking at my watch in the theater.  

Overall, I would give Gold a three out of five stars.  I would suggest anyone who enjoys a rags to riches story to see this film and if you have some time to kill to learn about what happened in this time period in the gold industry.


By: Joe Kucharski

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