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Wildcat 91.9 has open positions at the start of every semester. We are looking for talented individuals who are searching for challenging and rewarding experiences in a fun and unique environment. All individuals who work for Wildcat 91.9 are expected to uphold the Wildcat 91.9 Mission Statement and are granted the freedom to discuss original ideas with fellow Executive Staff members. Each staff member is expected to maintain a team-oriented mindset and possess willingness and ability to respond positively to feedback and constructive criticism given by fellow Executive Staff members.

Please note that anyone enrolled in the Wildcat 91.9 practicum class (MC385) will NOT be able to apply for an Executive Staff position.

Positions That Are Hiring:
Please look over the descriptions of job responsibilities below before you apply

We are not currently hiring for any new positions. Check back next semester 🙂


Here are our jobs and their descriptions:

Program Director

  • Provides at least fifteen (15) office hours on a weekly basis and is able to commit twenty five (25) hours to the position on overall
  • Coordinates directly with the Station Manager to manage and assist the Executive Staff
  • Collaborates with and directs the Music, Sports, and News Director positions by helping incorporate new ideas and offering guidance
  • Assembles a programming schedule and creates daily logs based off the current format and schedule (logs must be checked for accuracy and conformance with FCC rules, and inaccuracies must be resolved before airtime)
  • Manages the on-air system by uploading any new files for PSAs, underwriting announcements, etc, responsible for all production files uploaded to the system, and for deleting any outdated audio
  • Communicates, engages, and supervises the on-air talent via e-mail and face-to-face meetings
  • Schedules rotations, DJ shifts, and specialty shows
  • Works with Sports Director to establish a mutually beneficial schedule of play-by-play broadcasts
  • Assists Sports and News Directors in acquiring content for Sports Talk and daily news segments

Full Job Description  

News Director

  • Provides fifteen (15) hours of work each week with five (5) office hours
  • Creates six (6) different newscasts for MondaySaturday. Each newscast “package” will include soundbites, one state news piece, one national news piece, one “on-campus” piece, and one sports piece
  • Utilizes Associated Press to acquire news and information for each newscast and is well versed in news writing, particularly in AP style
  • Contacts K-State Extension radio for local news and information and audio clips

Full Job Description  

Underwriting Director

  • Provides fifteen (15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours. Reports directly to Station Manager, advised by fellow Executive Staff members
  • Reaches out with formal inquiries to businesses who would like to underwrite
  • Brainstorms promotions to pitch to prospective clients
  • Travels to businesses within the area and pitches aforementioned promotions and the idea of underwriting with Wildcat 91.9
  • Follows up with businesses in regards to payment and keeps all clients updated on possible promotions available while sustaining a professional and productive relationship with business owners
  • Provides creative solutions and answers to business owners about underwriting

Full Job Description 

Promotions Director

  • Provides ten to fifteen (10-15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours.  Reports directly to Station Manager and is advised fellow Executive Staff members
  • Actively keeps our voice on social media fresh, relevant, informational, and entertaining
  • Schedules out social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in advance (basic knowledge of Hootsuite helpful)
  • Brings new ideas of how to creatively promote Wildcat 91.9 over social media to better engage with current and new followers
  • Maintains a list of upcoming shows in the area and fosters relationships with local venues to ask for tickets to giveaway to listeners
  • Plans and executes said ticket giveaways whether on air, social media, or live events

Full Job Description  

Production Director

  • Provides ten to fifteen (10-15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours. Reports directly to Station Manager, advised by fellow Executive Staff members.
  • Attend weekly meetings with other Wildcat 91.9 staff.
  • Communicate with staff members about upcoming events/PSAs you’ll need to create
  • Be available for Classroom Series performances and know how to set up for those (3-point lighting, 3-cam set-up).
  • Create content that will air on Wildcat 91.9, such as liners.
  • Help out with other events when asked upon by your team.
  • Be a good team member and communicate effectively with other staff.
  • Work with organizations and event managers to create PSAs and promo spots for events.

Production Director

Website Director

  • Provides fifteen (15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours. Reports directly to Station Manager, advised by fellow Executive Staff members
  • Possesses basic WordPress knowledge
  • Creates and maintains monthly web content calendar to skillfully manage website post scheduling
  • Assists and manages web content submissions (i.e. posting & editing content)
  • Coordinates with executive staff members and students to obtain fresh and interesting web content
  • Maintains communication with all Executive Staff members to actively update content specific to each staff member’s position (i.e. “New In Rotation,” “Events,” and “Programming” pages)
  • Generates weekly web content (i.e. album reviews, concert reviews, news updates, sports updates, other content pertinent to Wildcat 91.9)

Full Job Description 

 Classroom Series Director

  • Responsible for coordinating live performances by working directly with and maintaining a relationship with local artists/bands, Music Director, Studio Engineer and Programs Director
  • Requires 10-15 hours of work each week
  • Basic knowledge of operating cameras (HD)
  • Basic knowledge of editing and filming

Full Job Description 

Sports Director

  • Provides ten to fifteen (10-15) hours of work each week, five (5) of which must be office hours. Reports directly to Station Manager, advised by fellow Executive Staff members.
  • Properly train each broadcaster on use of Tieline device and operation of the board for sporting event broadcasts.
  • Attend weekly meeting with other Wildcat 91.9 staff
  • Distribute a weekly broadcast schedule in time during class for the weekly sports talk show and other sporting events the radio station is broadcasting.
  • Produce liners and PSA’s for sporting events and the weekly sports talk show.
  • Create or delegate responsibilities to create website content after each broadcast.
  • Be a good team member and communicate effectively with the rest of staff
  • Communicate with Sports Information Directors with K-State athletics, Sprint Center, Bowl Game and other tournament officials to gain credentials for Wildcat 91.9 for sporting events.
  • Communicate with approximately 15 other student broadcasters on a weekly basis.

Full Job Description  

Music Director

  • Provides 15 hours of work each week, including four to six (4-6) office hours outside of the two (2) required for music office hours.
  • Bi-Weekly, picks six to seven artist from our current A rotation and write up short descriptions of their new albums for “What’s Spinning.”
    • The opposite week, creates a new post for “New Music Wednesdays” of our Top 20 Charts and newly added music.
  • Updates Purple DJ binder each week with the music rotation sheet for DJ’s to reference during their DJ shift.
  • Adds new music to Nexgen.
  • Help write reviews to supplement when reviews from committee members are lacking.

Full Job Description 

Studio Engineer

  • Provide ten to fifteen (10-15) hours of work each week.  Reports to station manager and advised by fellow executive staff members.
  • Assist program director and other exec staff members in scheduling the studio and preparing for various special broadcasts.
  • Work with music director to edit and remaster audio from classroom series and other recordings.
  • Work with Adviser/Engineering Assistant to configure studio/control room for best possible recording practices.
  • Keep recording equipment (microphones, stands, cables, etc.) organized and in good repair.
  • Attend weekly exec staff meetings and keep track of upcoming broadcasts/recording sessions.
  • Assist other departments as needed.

Full Job Description