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In true Future fashion, it hasn’t been that long since the last time we got a full-length project from the ATL workaholic. In somewhat of a surprise release after what nearly everyone would say is ‘just another future album’ in his self-titled album “Future”, we have another album a week later topping the charts which is not like any future album we’ve had before.
Getting into the track listing, we have 17 songs coming in at a total play time of roughly an hour and ten minutes. The album starts out with the song, “My Collection,” which sets the tone to be carried through the album. The instrumental is more low key than what we’re used to hearing from Future. We only have a handful of songs from future that fit this profile, like “Perkey’s Calling” or “Codeine Crazy.” “My Collection” is about how all of his exes are “ in his collection” and goes over some of his personal insecurities about why these women are attracted to him and the complications with their relationships.
Another strong point on the album was the song, “I Thank U”. The song is thanking his ex, Ciara, for leaving him and “making him hustle”. Before his self-titled album released, Future was being interviewed by Zane Low and was sharing how he felt that his relationship was bigger than his own music career at times. Having all the people around him questioning if he was able to bounce back from his breakup and become bigger than he was during his time with Ciara.
The last song that really stood out to me was the closing track “Sorry” where Future is apologizing for a lot of the things he’s done in the past. I think the track is mainly aimed at his past relationships, but one like that stood out to me was “Sold crack to a pregnant lady, sorry for the crack baby” where he shows remorse for enabling a pregnant mother to have her addiction affect her child. And ends the song with repeating the phrase “Sorry it’s gotta be that way, Ain’t mean to desert you, Sorry that it looks that way, Ain’t really tryna hurt you” again apologizing for the way his relationship with Ciara came to an end.
The only song I actively disliked was “Keep Quiet”, where the hook just sounded bad and got annoying after the second time Future said it. And the Midi notes in the background of the high hats didn’t fit with the general vibe of the rest of the album and wore away at my nerves after the first thirty seconds.
All in all, I feel like I would describe this album as ‘very good’ in a different way if you’re already a fan of Future, taking a step away from a “blasting an extendo at a drug deal” vibe that is ever present in the rest of his work, and making more time for music that he feels expresses himself as a person, and opening up about some of the issues and insecurities he has dealt with the past few years. If you’re not a future fan but you’re into R&B or more laid back hip hop, I would still recommend a listen but you might not enjoy the album as much as I did.
By: David Maguire

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