Future Generations – Landscape

Future Generations just came out with the album Landscape on September 14th, 2018. It has been two years since the band released their last record. The band members are Eddie Gore (vocals) Mike Sansevere (synthesizer, guitar, percussion), Eric Grossman (guitar), Devon Sheridan (bass), and Dylan Wells (percussion). All the band members hail from Brooklyn, New York.

Most of the album sounded robotic. Maybe a little too robotic. The voices are way too tweaked and sound like the software they used to edit went whack. That made it a little hard to listen to the lyrics. The album has some catchy melodies that makes each song immediately upbeat. It sounds simple at first, but then the songs reveal some depth.

“All The Same” is about fighting this urge to get back into toxic relationships. From the sounds of it, one of the band members had a horrible relationship. It was toxic and the significant other was manipulative. Unfortunately, a lot of people can relate to this, which is why I think this song is so important. It talks about heartbreak and how it’s tempting to go back to someone you know is bad for you. You miss the memories you created with that person, but not the actual person.

“I Never Knew I Was Lonely” is all about facing the future. The song talks about being hesitant and even wanting to go back in the past and change some things. Sometimes, people feel like being taken out of the equation wouldn’t be so bad.

The song “Hurry Home” in particular had me falling asleep. It was the same lyrics and melody over and over again. It lacked anything for me to latch onto. Not even the lyrics could save this one. It was quite disappointing.

“Incomplete” was about asking for help and reaching out in relationships. There’s nothing wrong with people helping you out every now and then. No matter how strong you are, you can’t do everything by yourself. It’s okay to depend on others. Some people have to learn this lesson, and others already know. It’s a valuable life lesson.

Hits: “All the Same” “I Never Knew I Was Lonely”

Misses: “Hurry Home”

Rate: 6

By Tori Wiegers

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