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The album Foxwarren by Foxwarren has been a long time coming. The band is compiled of Canadian, childhood friends singer/songwriters and musicians: Andy Sauf, Dallas Bryson, Darryl and Avery Kissik. They originally started to create this album ten years ago in the basement of the bass player, Darryl Kissick’s home. Foxwarren finally dropped November 30th, 2018.

Foxwarren album art

The band’s sound is influenced by artists like Paul Simon and The Band. Currently classified as alternative indie, one could see the taste of old-school psychedelic rock left in their music. Each of the songs have their own prominent sounds of smooth electric guitar with a slow drumline. Some songs through the album have some long drawn out, almost synthesized, sounds that lay an eerie or solemn feel.

The individual songs all have a stamp of loss of love or a changing of seasons of life. For what the lyrics lack in quantity they make up for in quality. The words possess depth and give the listener the impression there is more to be understand. The surprising lack of lyrics made me realize, after my first listen, there were many instrumental breaks and outros in the songs.

When I began to listen to Foxwarren I did not know what I was getting myself into–but I was pleasantly surprised with most of the songs! The outros are very long–I was tempted to skip over all of them!

Sunset Canyon” was my favorite song from the album by far. It was mostly my favorite because the sound was the least “out there” and was quite enjoyable with smooth guitar riffs. 

By, Alyx Kemp

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