Foreign Exchanges: Interview with Shining Lin

This summer, KSDB has partnered with a group of international students on the K-State campus who want to share their experiences from their home. This is a continuation of our program which allows a student from around the globe to shed some light on their home life. Each one of these interviews is conducted by another international student in their class.

What is your major? Why did you choose it?
My major is information and computer science. When I was a child, I was interested in high-tech products.  Computers have played a very important role in our daily life. This attracted me a lot. I really want to learn computers well and make our lives better and more convenient.
Why did you decide to come and study in the United States?

The first factor is the education level. There is no doubt that the United States has the highest education level in the world. As a student, studying should be the most important task. Multicultural aspects in America also attracted me here. I can make friends with people who come from all over the world. It makes me excited.

What is something you have learned while you’ve been at K-State?

I can remember the first day when I arrived here. I was upset. I didn’t know how to communicate with others because I was lacking in English ability, but the people of Kansas are very kind and friendly. They helped me a lot. They gave me courage to face the difficulties, and now everything is going so well. So I learned that a man should be kind and friendly.

What do you miss most about your hometown or home country?

There is much that I miss from China, but I really miss the food cooked by my mother very much. Though it is not the most delicious, it is full of love. She takes her time cooking. I have eaten Chinese food in America a lot; it tasted good,but it can’t be better than the food that my mother cooks. Of course, American food is very good. I really do like it.

What surprised you most about American culture?

When I walk on the road, people always smile at me or say hello to me. I’m surprised every time because I don’t know them. Then I find out the reasons on the internet. Now, I know it is an American culture. I think that it is very good because it shortens the distance between people. So I will try to smile to everyone.

Can you tell us something interesting about your culture?

In China, when the new year is coming,people will put Spring Festival couplets on the door to wish good luck for the next year.Besides Spring Festival couplets, people also put an inverted “Fu” which means good luck on the door. Inverted and come have the same pronunciation,so it means good luck is coming to your family.
By: Joe Kucharski

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