Foreign Exchanges: Interview with Tian Dong

This summer, KSDB will partner with a group of international students on the K-State Campus who want to share their experiences from their home.  Each week, a new student from around the globe with shed some light on their home life.  Each one of these interviews is conducted by another international student in their class.  

What is your name, and can you tell us a little about where you come from?

My name is Tian Dong, and I come from northern China. My hometown’s winter is very famous in China because we have warm spring water. When winter comes, everything turns white and the warm water melts the ice making water vapor. The spring water is healthy, and we also use it make green tea. Many tourists from every part of China come to taste it.

Where do you live in China, in a city or a village? How far is it from the capital?

I live in a small city, but it is also famous for some traditional Chinese food. It is not too far away from the capital. It takes about 5 hours to drive from my hometown to the capital but on the side of the highway there are many kinds of trees so it is a pretty drive. It is safe, as well, because of all of the cops. Car travel is very common in China.

What is the capital city of China?

The capital city of China is Beijing. It is a traditional city and it some very famous sights like the Palace Museum, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. It has been the capitol of China for a very long time.

How old are you, and what are you doing for living? Are you a student, a company employee, a house wife?

I’m 18 years old, and I am just student. I have not been here at K-State for very long. However, in the future I want to be a teacher because I didn’t attend Chinese university, and I want to know what the different between American university and Chinese university is. I hope someday I can adjust to the Chinese style of higher education.

What are the most common dishes in China?

Two of the most common dishes in China are dumplings (refer to my picture) and stewed pork. The first is made from flour and vegetables, the second one is made with pork and a special sauce. Sometimes we make the dumpling in the new year to celebrate the new star, they symbolize hope and luck for the next year.


What do you like the best about the U.S?

There are many things I like, but perhaps my favorite thing I have experienced so far is that in the U.S, every car lets pedestrians go first. It is very safe and easy to cross the street as a pedestrian. I never have to fear for my life

By: Joe Kucharski

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