Fleet Foxes & (Sandy) Alex G at The Midland

A few weeks ago a KSDB alum and I went to see Fleet Foxes. Before the show even started we saw several local artists CS Luxem and No Magic, which was cool.

I’m usually never on time to see the entire opening set, but I’m glad I was this time because I knew the band through the radio station. (Sandy) Alex G was a great choice to tour with Fleet Foxes, because their sounds are very similar,  but Alex G is slightly more alternative sounding where Fleet Foxes is folk. Their set was very much just about the music. They didn’t talk to the audience much, and the stage was very dark.

This would completely contrast with Fleet Foxes. While the band was still in the dark, there was a large projector that had geometric shapes and landscapes moving across the screen with the music. The mixture of the music and visuals were very beautiful and relaxing, and was unlike anything I had ever experienced before or could even begin to describe. It seemed like more of an art showcase than a concert.

The downside was that I got bored quickly. I didn’t know many of their songs, so a lot of them sounded silimar to me, and I wanted them to talk and interact with the audience more. I went to the concert solely to see one of my favorite songs, “White Winter Hymnal”, performed live. They played it towards the end of their set, and while the projector panning across mountains was the perfect visual to set with the song, the harmony (which is arguably the most important part of the song) was off. Overall, the concert was good. But more importantly, it got me hyped for (Sandy) Alex G’s concert that’s happening this fall.

By: Monica Brich

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