Feature DJ: Sydney Dauer

“I didn’t know that K-State even had a radio station until I saw Ellen Collingwood tweet about one of her shows,” Sydney Dauer, a sophomore in public relations said. “I always loved playing music for my friends and saw this as an opportunity to play music for the entire Manhattan community. I reached out to Ellen asking how to get involved and I was on air within a week.”

Now Dauer is a hip-hop DJ from 9:00 – 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

“Campus radio is important because it provides a place for students to play the music they love on the campus they love,” Dauer said. “People should care about campus radio because it is a unique opportunity open to all students. Not everyone at the station is a journalism major and that’s what makes us truly unique.”

KSDB is interesting to Dauer because it is entirely run by students. Dauer adds that’s not somethingDauer every college radio station gets to say.

“My favorite part about working at the station is when my friends and family tell me that they’re tuned in listening,” Dauer said. “Just having some reassurance that someone out there IS actually listening is really nice.”

From second to fifth grade, Dauer was on a travelling jump rope team. She said she can still do a lot of the tricks, but not as well as she could when she was eight years old.

Currently, outside of the radio station, Dauer enjoys spending time with her sorority sisters, eating anything and everything she can get her hands on, and checking the online jail booking page for her hometown.

By: Maria Penrod

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