Feature DJ: Kelly Iverson

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.49.17 PMKelly Iverson, a senior in journalism and mass communications and 91.9 DJ, says her life is one large crazy anecdote.

For starters, she is currently living in Meadowlark Hills retirement community, for aclass.

“There are probably a million interesting and unique things I could tell you about,” Iverson said, “but this is definitely the strangest as of now.”

One of Iverson’s friends got her interested in joining the 91.9, where she is an alternative music DJ every Thursday morning.

“The whole idea of going on air was really scary to me,” Iverson said, “but afterspeaking with people at length about the process, I realized it was much less intimidating than I originally thought.”

Iverson loves alternative music, and has recently been listening to Odesza, Zhu and Milky Chance.

“I don’t listen to anything necessarily mainstream, and I am always hearing newsongs and writing down bands I hadn’t heard of before that play on the station,”Iverson said. “I love that we are reaching out to expose smaller, more local bands. You can only listen to the top 50 hits so much before wanting to tear the stereo out of your car dashboard.”

Iverson said that working at KSDB is making her a more well-rounded journalist. “I have focused heavily on print journalism since my freshmen year, and I wish groups like the 91.9 and other organizations would have pushed the importance of getting experience in all fields of journalism,” Iverson said. “I am feeling rather helpless as May gets closer and closer, and I am forced to enter the real world.”

It makes Iverson nervous that any mistakes she makes on the radio are broadcast immediately.

“I am a writer.  If I make a mistake in my work, I get a red squiggly line giving me the heads up and hours to change and reword my work,” Iverson said. “If you mess up on the radio, there’s no turning back.  I have yet to need to push the scary red button, but I have forgotten to turn my microphone off once as well as accidentally hit a hot key during a song.”

By: Maria Penrod

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