Feature DJ: Kash Farney

Kash Farney is a freshman in journalism and mass communications. He is also an electronic dance music DJ at KSDB.

“I like being on air and talking, and I like to share my enthusiasm for electronic dance music with others,” Farney said.

Farney has recommendations for those wishing to tip their toe into the vast world of electronic dance music.

“If it is someone who has listened to electronic dance music for a while, I would recommend Seven Lions because they might not have heardKash of that artist, and his remixes are great,” Farney said. “For someone getting into it, I would start with some Ellie Goulding remixes from Bassnectar, or something like GDFR that they would hear on the pop radio stations.”
Farney loves being on the air. Once he realized he could be on the air right away, he enrolled to DJ at 91.9.

“It gives people, especially undergraduates, a way to find out if radio is a good fit for them,” Farney said. “It also builds the K-State Family by having your peers listening to you.”

Farney loves all music, sings in Concert Choir and In-A-Chord. He also plays piano and guitar, loves to read and hang out with his fraternity brothers.

By: Maria Penrod

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