Feature DJ: Allison Thomas

“A good friend of mine was a DJ at the station,” Allison Thomas, a sophomore in public relations from Texas, said. “I saw how much she enjoyed it, so I enrolled in the class my second semester of freshman year.”

Thomas has a show on the Wildcat 91.9 with Courtney Nance.

“I think college radio matters because it gives students a chance to be on the radio, discover new music, expand beyond their comfort zones,” Thomas said. “For a lot of people there really aren’t other opportunities to try radio out except this part of their lives, so that’s cool too.”

Thomas said her favorite thing about working at the station is hanging out and listening to music.

“The station is great because I get to listen to music, spend time with my best friend, and occasionally get tickets to shows,” Thomas said.

Outside of radio, Thomas enjoys going to concerts, trying new foods, travelling, and watching Game of Thrones.

“I don’t plan on being a DJ professionally,” Thomas said. “Like I said, college is a great time to try new things, so I figured I may as well try radio now. I plan on being at the station fro the rest of my time here though. Out of all of my extracurriculars, the Wildcat 91.9 is definitely my favorite.”

By: Maria Penrod

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