Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

This review is long overdue for our singer songwriter Father John Misty. Misty stands out for his unique style and approach to making his music. His style could be describe as both satire and black comedy. The single ‘Pure Comedy” which shares the title of the album, touches on humanity’s dark nature and referring to it all as one big comedy filled with irony. The song’s style has the same approach as “Bored in the USA” off his last album. For the first half of the song it’s just him playing piano until  drums come in softly beginning to accompany  the piano. This song is one of Misty’s bests as far as concept and lyrical content goes. Another standout single off the album is “Entertainment Forever” which has a rhythm and melody that’s reminiscent in my mind to Radiohead’s “Karma Police” or “The Desert Babbler” by Iron & Wine. This single offers another look inside Misty’s perspective of today’s modern times ,and how it revolves around us filling our daily lives with entertainment. Despite its satirical look it is  perhaps one of his more upbeat songs off the album.

Father John Misty is one of those singer songwriters who is true to the craft of song writing. He is uncompromising in the music he makes for each of his albums. He once got rid of three songs for being “Generic pop songs.” There have been many bands where a member decides to leave to become a solo artist and often it doesn’t work out that’s not the case with Misty.

By: Clinton Willis

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