Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer

Back at the beginning of June, Father John Misty released his 4th album, God’s Favorite Customer, after displaying a few singles beforehand on the weeks leading up to the release. This review may be a little late to the party, but I felt it was way too interesting to not write about, so here we go. John Tillman, the man behind Father John, wrote a majority of this project while he was living alone in a hotel room for many weeks, and the music the comes just that. It’s a very narcissistic project, that shows the self loathing, and grim view that he has about himself. The body language he expressed on the album cover is a perfect illustration of this view, as he displays pure disappoint at himself and his past behavior.

On “Mr. Tillman,” you can hear exactly what was going on with him during this time at the hotel as he sings from the perspective that some other has on him, perhaps the front desk clerk at the hotel, and how concerned he is for Mr. Tillman’s well being (check out the music video on youtube to see what I’m talking about.) This is pretty much the entire narrative of this whole project, but he still managed to make this into one of his most listenable works in all his discography. I was very happy to see him go back to some of his earlier styles of music after his somewhat lethargic last release, Pure Comedy, although it probably is most meaningful and profound work to date to be honest. Sitting at a length of 10 tracks, this album never really gets dull, which is impressive for a soft-rock album. It has a very nice mix of moods it protrudes to make for quite an enjoyable listen, with themes that show he is one of the top indie artists out there, especially when he gets in the “poem-zone.” His lyricism continues to provoke thought yet he never casts away from adding a little humor, even if it at times is pretty self deprecating. In one of my favorites of the project, “Please Don’t Die”, he gets so buried into the concept of his own self destructive behavior that sings through the perspective of his wife and her need for him to be ok. Although parts of this are undoubtedly self obsessive, he never settles with the quality of his instrumentation, and is even willing to bring in new unique elements, like the relaxing harmonica and angelic background vocals on “God’s Favorite Customer.” Overall speaking, this is a very well rounded soft-rock project that didn’t disappoint and one I have found myself going back to often when I’m in need of some chill background tunes.

Hits- “God’s Favorite Customer” “Please Don’t Die” “Date Night” “Mr. Tillman” “Hangout at the Gallows”

Misses- “The Songwriter”

Rate- 8                                             

By: Daniel Lopez


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