Eric Slick – Palisades

Eric Slick’s debut album is something to stop and give a listen to. The member of Dr. Dog has recently released a solo album that comes off has a good blend garage rock and punk. While listening to the album I was impressed by Eric’s vocals ,and how the songs were composed. ”You Became the Light” starts this album off right, and hooks you from the start. With the electric guitar creating a buzzing sound, and the pounding of drums this song is an ode to garage rock. The singer’s vocals seem to float on the waves of sound. Another great song off the album is “The Dirge” again this is a song that embodies that surf rock and garage rock sound. The acoustic guitar and drum tempo is almost reminiscent to Radiohead’s “Karma Police”. “The Dirge” certainly keeps the momentum going for this album.

When it comes to a favorite song off the album for me it would have to be “No” it’s drum tempo reminds me “Sex Tourist” by French Kicks. I become lost in this song it a slow and calming ballad. The electric guitar comes in slowly as does the bass. It finishes strong as electric guitar and synth come in. The title track “Palisades” actually made me stop what I was doing to fully take in what I was hearing. Its beautiful song that frankly I fear I couldn’t do justice.

This album is definitely one to look out for. You might not know who Eric Slick is, but that could easily change. Working at a college radio station gives me the luxury of discovering new music daily and that’s what has happened with this album. If you are a fan of Grizzly Bear, French Kicks, Beach Fossils, Cloud Nothings, and Deerhunter than I highly recommend giving this artist a listen to. Eric’s dynamic vocals will capture as well as hold your attention and you will turn up the volume to hear the guitar,drums, and bass create a wall of sound that makes this album certainly my favorite garage rock album of the year. 

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