Earth Girl Helen Brown – Four Satellites

Initially listening to Earth Girl Helen Brown’s Four Satellites album, you will hear a strange combination of music that is unique in a multitude of ways. An entanglement of earthy tones, soft pop, psychedelic undertones, a smidgen of folk, more than just a dash of jazz, and what can only be described as an outer space sound create an environment for your ears that would be relaxing if you weren’t so concentrated on figuring out the take away theme.

The laid back vibes of the songs are structured with an upbeat tempo, there are falsettos harmonizing with deep tenors, and in one song, an airplane’s takeoff is the entrance music for about 20 seconds. Overall, the first time listening to the album is a strange and delightful experience because you are relaxed and intrigued all in one sitting.

However, if you attempt to listen to the lyrics, which is by no means an easy feat due to the soft falsettos, you realize that these songs don’t have soft topics to go with the easy listening melodies that make up their body. Instead, Helen Brown questions the human condition and the future of the earth. This is apparent even if all you do is read the titles of the songs, such as “My A.I.” and “Earth Elevator.”

I salute Helen Brown for trying to tackle such meaningful and heavy topics, but it’s hard for songs to make an impact if you can’t understand the singing, even if you’re intently listening. Ultimately, I would put this album on in the background of a study session or maybe even hang out session with my friends, but only the songs with nice saxophone solos make me crave another listen. I would recommend this album if you are looking for something new and unique.

My favorites: Tommy D & Atomic B, and Language of Love

By Lasondra Aurand

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