Dude York – Sincerely

Honesty abounds through this album, and Sincerely truly lives up to it’s name. Every song sounds like a confession wrapped up in a dancey vibe. In the opener “Black Jack”, singer Peter Richards croons “Nobody does it all by themselves” and that’s what this album is about. Not losing the rock vibe, heavy with distortion like all Dude York songs on their last album, Dehumanize, the songs catch the listener and take them for an enjoyable ride full of loud, jammin’ energy, even though themes of identity, failed love, anxiety, pain, and more, which repeatedly resonate through the album. This is the ultimate 20-somethings album, as anyone this age can relate to these concerns. But Dude York isn’t complaining about these issues, they are confiding in the listener to help them deal with these issues. “The Way I Feel” has Richards admitting to the listener that he messaged his therapist, even though he knows he won’t get a response due to legalities.

The album continues to explore deteriorating mental health in “Something in the Way” where Richards tells how there is something keeping him from going and joining his friends, leading him to isolate himself, against a backdrop of powerpop and steady, powerful drumming from Andrew Hall. However the album takes a turn with “Sincerely i”, where voiced over by bassist and vocalist Claire England, the music halts and a story is told against a melodramatic background. This interlude-esque break does not detract from the story the album strives to tell, but it does slow the momentum down. Sincerely doesn’t stop there, instead it picks up where it left off and keeps throwing punches in the most cathartic releases. The big showstoppers of the album are songs voiced by England, “Tonight” and “Love is”. These have not been able to leave my head and I’m not upset in the slightest.

This album is one for the books, having been produced by John Goodmanson of Bikini Kill and Sleater- Kinney fame, and Cody Votolato, known for The Blood Brothers, and off the lovely Seattle indie record label  gem, Hardly Art. I for one, highly recommend listening to this while driving, screaming your lungs out to empathize and forget your woes. It’s sure to be a favorite of this year, and there’s a song relatable enough for everyone to enjoy a bite. Now the only question is this: Can Dude York deliver on this quality for albums to come? I sure hope so.

By: Bridget Lynch

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