Hood Hippie, Vol. 1 – Dricks

The realist sh*t you NEVER HEARD! Wichita native Dricks is obtaining Dope Dreams; PUN intended!


Hood Hippie, Vol. 1 is the follow-up EP to Mind Fool, released April 20, 2018, 🌿 and available on all platforms now!

Against All ODDz she never switched up!

 By incorporating soulfulness and mindfulness into her music, Dricks hopes to open the minds of every generation and reclaim substance back into hip-hop and life in general.


  1. Plug Talk
  2. Lay Up
  3. Critical Ft. NTS Maine
  4. Ruthless
  5. Brain Freeze Ft. NTS Maine & Skinnychipyatted (track playing 🎶)
  6. Dominoes
  7. Hood Hippie
  8. Duck Soup
“They overlook me, that’s a Cap” said Dricks

Being a multiracial female growing up in the 90’s she was able to enjoy the music of different genres, which ultimately helps Dricks create her own sound and style of music!

#ItsTheLOTO 🎰 = 10/10 📈

By: LeAndre Carthen

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